ART & YOGA - pubic & private classes, indoor/outdoor events, demos, camps, & workshops

Explore your creativity with these mindfully inspired and custom designed sessions for all ages and skills levels.  Gather in celebration of friendship, a special occasion, holiday, or business development that supports communication, team bonding, and assists in reducing stress and anxiety.  Allow me to bring the fun to your private home, business, or make reservations at a local establishment such as community centers, restaurants, halls, churches, senior centers, etc.  With light focus and attention, you will experience positivity in mind, body, and spirit.  Contact me to learn more about what art and yoga services I can bring to your venue.

Are you looking to create a peaceful environment or focal point for your favorite space?  Do you have a theme or image that you would like to have captured in a piece of art for your walls?  Or need a sign that welcomes and informs the public about your unique business?  Allow me to help! To inquire more about specialty art projects by click the below button.

The Benefits: More than just art and yoga

  • Studies have found that both art and yoga are positive tools that encourage confidence, focus, problem solving, imagination, and relaxation.  In the same breath, they allow us to find relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma.  These are especially helpful tools for growing minds.

  • Children will leave feeling positively encouraged and challenged in their abilities and skill level.  

  • Art portion may include drawing that focuses on use of shapes, shading, color theory, perspective, negative space, real, and still life.  

  • Examples: Painting can be done free hand or with assisted use of stencils (ex: mermaids, ballet slipper, sports theme, flowers, space, ocean, modern art shapes, mythical creatures).  Mixed media and crafting courses may include scissors, yarn, glue, beads, or paper. Hot glue is assisted by an adult.

Special requests or questions can be sent to