About Bittersweet Studio and the Instructor 

Artist and Yoga alliance certified/insured instructor, Stephanie Messina, is passionate about providing mindfulness activities to her local community. She travels to private clients, businesses, and organizations creating a warm environment that is guided with positive nurturing, educational enrichment, and natural easy going fun.  Pubic & private classes, events, demos, camps, & workshops are designed for all ages (child, adult, or senior).  Professional services that promote self-care, respect, compassion, and gentle effort benefiting the mind, body and spirit. 

"I enjoy sharing my love of art and yoga with all ages, skill levels, and interests.  Life is a struggle at any stage and I believe having a healthy outlet that offers achievable results is beautiful.  Call it what you like, class, lesson, party, sip-n-paint, girls night out, team bonding, fundraiser, or hobby, I seek to bring light hearted merriment to shift your focus so that you can reset and find a little ease to your day, week, month, or year.  These activities help you safely express yourself, gain confidence amongst peers, build resiliency (grit), and possibly find better answers to all life throughs at you."   

A little on Yoga

In a world of overstimulation and stress, yoga allows me to stay grounded by reconnecting with myself.  Finding quiet, stillness, and inner strength through comfort and discomfort on my mat. Knowing that these moments may help positively guide me in the right direction during my regular activities. Navigating life's everyday challenges is not easy and that is an okay feeling to have.  My classes focus on mindfulness and encourage you to check-in with your breath, heart, and release the tension being held in the body.  Some referenced health benefits of a regular practice may include relief from anxiety, depression, trauma; an increase in circulation, digestion, and joint mobility; and building on flexibility, balance, fluidity in movement, and strength. Practicing since 2001, insured and certified 200HR Yoga Alliance instructor.


Artist Statement

My hope is that my artwork inspires a young and adult audience to find calm and joy within their life home, nursery, or office.  Art allows me to find solace by expressing the world I see and explore a deeper sense of self and appreciation for the things I do not see often.  About the Journey -  Being creative is something that has always been important to me since childhood.  It is especially rewarding when something I complete is found favorable and meaningful to someone else. Performing projects that require thoughtful discussion and research on people, places, and things is also a challenge I look forward to.  Using different mediums and finding new ways that my skills can be of use to others makes me happy... and happiness is a good thing.

Art Resume

Stephanie Messina

Artist and Registered Yoga Instructor

Creating art for most of her life, inspirations are derived from living along the coast in North Carolina, growing up in Connecticut, family, good friends, and travels within the United States, France, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Malta, and Italy.  

Works are mainly produced in the mediums of oil, acrylic, encaustic wax, pastel, and watercolor.  Mastering the art of light, composition and color theory are her concentration. She also has experience with multi-media, social media, web design, and photography.

Formal foundation in art training was provided while studying an array of Major Art classes at Danbury High School, Western CT State University, Silvermine Arts Center, and other adult educational extra-curricular pursuits.

Her work has been shown in United States galleries including the Aldrich Museum, Zilkha Gallery of Wesleyan University and other local establishments such libraries, cafes, and offices.

Current and past affiliations include:  Currituck County Arts Council, Chesapeake Bay Art Association, Art Guild of Middletown, Wepa Art Studio, MAC650 Art Co-op,