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As a part of her philanthropic and community service efforts, Stephanie Messina offers art and yoga classes as a means of fundraising for groups in need such as non-profits, volunteer groups, and other special cases.  Some of these groups can include public schools, police departments, fire departments, emergency medical staff, veterans, seniors, etc.  Special requests can be sent by email to:

In addition, Bittersweet Studio supports and is a member of multiple local, national, and charity funded institutions near and dear to the artist. These include the Currituck Arts Council, Chesapeake Bay Art Association, Virginia and Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk Botanical Garden, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and National Alzheimer's Association.  

A very special contribution is also made to an undergraduate internship program with the Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU) located in Danbury, CT. The fund was established in honor of the artists best friend, Angela Rossi Zurowski Andersen who passed away on November 5, 2014 after a seven month battle with stomach cancer.  To see more about the foundation visit:

Specials Prints Available to support these causes 

Real Art made with Love


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Bittersweet Studio
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